What Is Solid Oak Flooring?

Solid oak flooring is a 100% natural wood product made from just one piece of timber. How it’s cut can differ from product to product, and it’s really up to your own preference and budget. Flat-sawn oak is the most common and sustainable way to process oak, and therefore the most affordable. Rift-sawn oak is the least common and produces the most waste, increasing the price of the lumber. Quarter sawn oak straddles the line between these two types. Each method yields a different wood pattern, with rift sawn wood producing the most uniform, and aligned textures. Once sawn, the boards are placed in a kiln for drying.

Why Choose Solid Oak Flooring?

Solid hardwood floors appeal to those who crave only the genuine article. The flooring is the hardest wearing of them all, and can be re-sanded and re-finished many times, which is why it’s such a sound investment. However, it requires regular care and maintenance, and is not suitable for use in (and sometimes above) rooms with high moisture content, as the natural materials may warp.

  • 100% natural product – A solid plank of 100% natural hardwood
  • Durability – Solid oak flooring is a very hard-wearing product that can give many years of service if well maintained.
  • Authenticity – Solid wood floorboards are warm to the touch, and they feel as good as they look


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