What is Laminate Flooring?

This manmade product is constructed by fusing multiple layers together after the lamination process. The four layers are a backer paper, high density fibreboard (HDF) core, the decorative photo layer and finally the resin overlay. These four layers work in unison to create a durable, photo realistic and hard-wearing piece of laminate flooring.

As photography, printing and technology have improved exponentially in recent years, laminate flooring has been able to catch up with its real wood counterparts. The result is a wide variety of highly detailed styles to choose from, that are hard to distinguish from the real deal.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

When looking for new flooring it’s best to consider what’s right for your home, budget and lifestyle. Each of our types of flooring – solid oak, engineered and laminate – have their own benefits and disadvantages. Laminate flooring is no different, however most people choose it due to its affordability, longevity and low maintenance.

Price – Laminate flooring’s greatest strength is its value for money and often the price of laminate flooring is unbeatable. The materials are less costly to obtain and manufacture than more traditional solid wood floors, and installation is even better value as the 5G clicking system is simple enough that you can DIY.

Durability – Despite the lower cost compared to other types of flooring such as solid oak or engineered oak; laminate flooring is exceptionally durable thanks to the materials used and its manufacturing process. Laminate flooring is moisture and general wear and tear resistant with a good tolerance for scratches.

Range of style options – If you prefer a more modern and uniform style, laminate is the go-to choice, as it’s possible to select a style with less colour variations. However, those who enjoy the traditional and welcoming feel of hardwood flooring, but are looking for a more affordable solution, the addition of bevelled edges create the illusion of traditional solid oak flooring.

Due to advanced digital photography there are a broad range of options to choose from, the possibilities of laminate flooring are endless. Whether your home has a modern, bohemian or rustic feel, there will be a laminate flooring style to compliment your perfect living space.

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